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Korean Culture Collaboration

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Korean Culture Collaboration

Saraf Public School has established a ‘Memorandum of understanding’ with Korean Embassy which expresses a convergence of will between both institutions and an intended common line of action. The intend of this MOU is to facilitate the cooperation for school project between the parties. Student will get a chance to create new opportunities, to learn, to prosper, to work with others, to solve shared problems and insure a secure future.

International learning and knowledge will propel students towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspective. The program will co-ordinate joint educational activities such as “Korean Cultural Centre India tour”, “Korean cultural experience workshop”, “Korean performing arts tour”, “Korean language classes exchange program between Korean and Indian schools” and so on.

Exchange of literature is crucial as it expands the horizons of students and allows them to become keen readers. Considering this “Window on Korea” which will have updated Korean books and artworks distributed by KCCI, wlll be managed by the school.