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School Patron – Polyplex

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School Patron – Polyplex

Polyplex Corporation Ltd. (Polyplex) is the School Patron. It has conceptualized and made Saraf Public School a reality.

About Polyplex:

Polyplex is among the world’s largest manufacturers of thin PET film. Its polyester capabilities include both thin and thick PET film in a wide range of thickness and surface properties covering a spectrum of applications. Polyplex’s diversified business portfolio includes BOPP film and CPP film produced in new state-of-the-art plants. Integrated downstream capabilities of Metallizing, Silicone Coating, Offline Chemical Coating and Extrusion Coating deliver further value-added products. Polyplex has a global presence, supplying to about 1700 customers in 86 countries across Europe, Americas, the Indian sub-continent, Far East, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Being one of the leading PET Film manufacturers, Polyplex operates close to its key regional markets, with manufacturing and supply points across the world. It runs integrated manufacturing & distribution operations in six countries viz. India, Thailand, Turkey, U.S.A., China & Netherlands. The first manufacturing facility of Polyplex was established at Khatima. Saraf Public School is a part of the employee township, which is adjacent to the manufacturing facility in Khatima.

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