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Academic Philosophy

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Academic Philosophy

Saraf Public School is a private, focussed, co-educational and non-denominational college preparatory K-12 school.

Basic to its core beliefs on educational philosophy, emphasis is on academic excellence in a college preparatory program, individual attention to and recognition of each student in an optimal student-teacher ratio environment, and the development of sound personal values necessary for responsible citizenship. After evolution of its academic philosophy, SPS aspires to be a school with well-rounded education, blending –

(a) Differentiated instruction

(b) Advanced curriculum

(c) Technology into every class


Saraf Public School is founded on the belief that all pupils are capable of developing the skills and motivation required for college and university admissions and to pursue the careers and lives of their choice. Well-taught classes with high rigor curricula successfully combined with a positive culture can allow all pupils to become college-ready. Above all else, we value focus on results and do whatever it takes to accomplish our goals. Core values that every stakeholder in SPS lives and breathe include:

Every child is capable of achieving academic success

Core to our mission, we unequivocally believe that every child, regardless of socio-economic status, or incoming academic level is capable of achieving academic success. We hold that it is every child’s fundamental right to be provided with an academically rigorous education. SPS provides this education, ensuring that every student has the support and structure necessary to put them on the path to college from their first day of School.

Focus on high academic results

High academic standards at SPS require a “No Excuses” approach. We believe that all of our pupils are capable of achieving our vision and we do not allow anyone to make excuses for why our pupils cannot reach high standards. We also do not accept excuses for any circumstances or actions that interfere with pupils’ learning.

We do not believe that anything should get in the way of giving our pupils access to the education that they deserve, and our rules and consequences exist in order to create an environment where our vision can be fulfilled.

We acknowledge that Saraf Public School exists to serve pupils who are behind. We also believe that all of our pupils can achieve on level with their college-competitive peers. This means that our approach to pupils’ learning be dynamic, never quite set, and must focus more on what works than on any personal philosophical/methodological preferences. As a result, we take ownership and initiative over the achievement of our pupils.

Quality teachers drive exceptional results

We propel our students’ academic trajectory in dramatic and measurable ways by recruiting teachers who are passionate about our college preparatory mission and providing them with targeted, authentic professional development. Our teachers will – (a) be united under the belief that all children can learn; (b) uphold unwaveringly high behavioural and academic expectations for every student; (c) work relentlessly so that all students achieve; and (d) use data to effectively drive instruction and individualized student supports.

Focus on College or University Admissions

We believe that college preparation starts immediately upon enrolment. Every student at SPS will understand that their hard work and dedication will prepare them to attend, succeed in and graduate from the college or university of their choice. College is infused in every facet of the school: from in-curriculum to after-school classes to frequent college visits, all pupils at SPS understand that their destination is their desired college.

Tutoring for All Students

The academic expectations are rigorous at SPS. Many students entering a Class perform significantly behind the class levels, and even those students who start on class level are likely to struggle somewhere along their path to college. As a result, SPS provides small group studies for all students. Much of this tutoring time is built into the academic time-table of the school.

High Behavioural Expectations

We strongly believe that learning cannot occur in chaos. All students at Saraf Public School are held to high behavioural expectations. A detailed Code of Conduct, with a merit and demerit system, is adhered to in all classrooms. The highest performing schools in the country prove that students learn best in a structured and consistent environment. We believe good behaviour should be explicitly taught and rewarded and staff go out of the way to identify students who exhibit positive and scholarly behaviour.

Frequent Communication with Parents

At SPS, we believe parents are critical partners in their student’s education. Parents/guardians receive regular progress reports detailing student behaviour and academics. Teachers contact families to discuss their student’s progress. Additionally, it is our policy to respond to all non-emergency phone calls and emails within 48 hours of receipt.

Longer School Day, Longer School Year

With so much to accomplish in order to prepare students for college or university, we believe students need more time engaged in learning. Students attend school Monday-Saturday from 7:15 am – 1:30 pm. On Saturdays, students have classes on college preparations while teachers engage in Professional Development. Additionally, students have 240 days of school each calendar year; at least a month more than traditional schools in the country. With the extended school day and school year, SPS pupils earn an additional 30 days of instruction each year.