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Performing Arts


Participation in the Theatre Program is open to all students, including those with little or no experience. The program aims to expose students to a range of theatrical styles and techniques and a variety of dramatic literature, ranging from ancient works to the latest in contemporary fiction. The co-curricular program in Theatre features between Class VI to XII, and a wide range of exciting workshops, professional shows and theatre trips.

The Theatre Program at Saraf Public School emphasizes the process of making theatre with a strong focus on imagination, personal expression, and creative collaboration. Our Introductory level courses concentrate on physical and vocal exercises, improvisation, storytelling, and basic approaches to scene study. Our Intermediate level courses delve into theatre history, text interpretation and performance, and the related fields of playwriting and design. At the Advanced level, students have the opportunity to create original experimental work within the context of a small theatre company, and to conceive and direct a full-scale dramatic production as part of the Theatre Program.

Students at Saraf Public School gain experience not only as actors, but also as directors or as members of the technical teams responsible for stage management, lighting, sound, set design and construction.


The dance program at Saraf Public School is based on three main elements – technique, choreography, and performance. Dance students explore each element in detail, though the specific learning experience is tailored to the student’s individual strengths, building upon them so each dancer becomes more accomplished and well-rounded.

Saraf Public School offers a technique class; it incorporates various movement vocabularies and includes classical Indian dances, modern dance and stretch, among others, based on the availability of the faculty. The choreographic component incorporates improvisation for short experimental movement studies, as well as for full-length pieces.

Performance opportunities include participation in the annual day. Students also get the opportunity to participate in other opportunities to showcase choreography and performance. Students in the dance program enhance and strengthen not only their bodies, but also their leadership skills.

By learning to work closely with other members of the class, students improve their ability to collaborate, to explore innovative ideas, to become more disciplined, and to adapt quickly to change.


The Music Program at SPS seeks to deepen students’ understanding of and love for music through rigorous course study, self-discipline, and refined performance.

Instruction is available at every level of background and achievement, from the beginner to the very advanced. SPS students have many opportunities to learn and grow through our classroom music courses, performance ensembles and private instruction. Students involve in band, orchestra and Indian music.

Performance opportunities at SPS range from all-school assembly performances to recitals, and informal presentations in school annual functions and other venues. Students are encouraged by teachers and peers alike to challenge themselves and to take personal risks in a supportive atmosphere.