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Vision, Aims and Objectives

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Vision, Aims and Objectives

Our vision is to offer every student the same quality of education offered by the most academically distinguished schools nationally so that our students are prepared to enter and thrive at the world’s finest colleges and universities.

Saraf Public School aims to be selective and foster academic excellence through comprehensive curricula, rigorous standards, and challenging assessments.

Saraf Public School’s aims are summarized as follows:

  • To be committed to academic excellence, including an accelerated curriculum, opportunities for advanced-level courses for students who desire greater depth in a subject, and a focus on preparing the student for an optimum college or university admission.
  • To focus on the individual student and inspire each student to do his or her best. This is to be facilitated by small classes, an “active learning” environment that combines hands-on experiences with learning by doing, and close relationships between our teachers and students.
  • To develop each pupil’s interest in and enjoyment of a broad range of activities including sport, music, art, drama, outdoor pursuits, and service to the society, providing opportunities for developing each pupil’s skill and knowledge in these areas.
  • To develop extra-curricular activities, which both in quantity and quality lastingly develop personality, achievement and skills. To integrate visual arts, performing arts and athletics with both – academic programs and extracurricular activities.
  • To provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment in which each pupil can feel he/she is valued as an individual and where he/she learns that his/her own attitude to others is fundamental to the success of this aim.
  • To be a school where pupils from a variety of backgrounds feel equal and at home and where their social and academic needs are met in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support.
  • To help all pupils to recognise the value of the commitments they make to those around them, as well as to their own studies, not least so that they can understand their lasting responsibility to the wider community. In doing this, the school seeks also to prepare pupils socially, morally and philosophically for life in a wider sense, stretching chronologically as well as geographically beyond the confines of school.

To achieve the aims and objectives defined by the common philosophy of Eduvisors managed Schools, Saraf Public School strives to:

  1. Achieve academic excellence by the provision of a challenging curriculum, outstanding teaching, and a culture of intellectual curiosity and independent learning.
  1. Seek able men and women of repute to serve in the Board of Governors and Advisors and to use their experience to help the school to map out a successful future.
  1. Attract, develop and retain outstanding educators. Recruit, appoint and assist with the development of talented and inspirational staff through continuing professional development training.
  1. Seek close relations with staff, parents, pupils, alumni and the society in general, including in particular, other schools and leading colleges and universities in India and globally.
  1. Foster a good working environment for learning and teaching and in particular, to have an agreed development plan for new buildings, playing areas and facilities.
  1. Provide increased funding for scholarships, to allow a wide intake from the wider section of the society.
  1. Pursue a prudential financial management aiming to produce a minimum annual operating surplus, in order to provide support for the agreed aims, and the Development Plan, and to build up an endowment.
  1. Guiding pupils’ behaviour and progress in such a way that praise and encouragement are much more common than reprimands and sanctions.
  1. Ensuring that the needs of individual pupils are identified and that each pupil knows (s)he has access to teachers who will give guidance on academic matters.
  1. Providing opportunities for pupils to extend their personal interests and experiences and to develop both self-reliance and social and cultural awareness.
  1. Organising activities which allow for co-operative effect, good-tempered competition and the development of loyalty and leadership.
  1. Providing a liberal education through a curriculum that is broad and as balanced as possible.
  1. Delivering stimulating lessons which promote academic rigour and enable pupils to show high achievement.
  1. Setting and assessing homework on a regular basis. Involving parents fully in the education of their children/wards by making communication easy, informative and effective. Encouraging parents to support the life of the School in general.
  1. Creating an orderly environment where pupils respond to challenge, where they work hard with a sense of commitment and enjoyment, where they take pride in their work and appreciate the value of what they are learning.