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Beyond the Subject Choices

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Beyond the Subject Choices


The purpose of the Robotics Club is to provide SPS students who are interested in science and technology the opportunity to design and build a robot, with the goal of participating in national competitions. The Club will be initiated from session 2017-18 and will be divided into four teams. The build team focuses on the engineering concepts required to build the robot, such as electronics and mechanics (gears, pulleys, pneumatics, etc.). The programming team writes the code (in C++ or other programming languages) that allows the robot to function autonomously or remotely. The publicity team creates and maintains a Website (if required), designs the team shirts and writes articles for school publications. The fund-raising team helps raise the money required to buy the equipment and supplies necessary to build the robot and pay the registration fees for competitions. Working together, the Robotics Club as a whole draws attention to engineering as a career choice for students.


Debating is an important co-curricular extension activity for students in secondary and higher secondary classes. All students are encouraged to participate. Debating provides a unique opportunity for students to develop skills in structured argument, reasoning and persuasion. Debating also calls for strong teamwork, listening and research skills. Debaters develop the ability to think critically and articulate their views about philosophical, ethical and moral issues and current affairs. In addition to the school competitions, SPS debaters compete against a variety of schools in the region in debating contests.

SPS students are also active participants in public speaking competition. Students of all ages enjoy extending their writing skills by participating in creative writing workshops. They also enter a range of internal and external competitions, in the region and nationally.


The Environment Club consists of faculty and students devoted to increase awareness on how small changes at individual level can contribute towards environmental sustainability, with the goal of making the school a comfortable and welcoming place for everyone. Membership is open to all interested students and faculty.

The Environment Club aims at providing environmental education that sensitizes students towards environmental issues and encourages them to preserve the same. Waste paper collection drives, paper recycling, anti-cracker campaigns, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, anti-littler campaigns, etc. have been part of their agenda. The Green ambassadors pledge to work in an environment friendly manner which includes usage of paper bags, steel lunch boxes, water management, saving electricity and other activities.