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Sports Academy

Playing various sports helps the students learn life skills such as teamwork, leadership, accountability, patience and self-confidence. It prepares them to face life challenges. Students get a chance to work on their physical and mental abilities to achieve goals in their life. We can realise the importance of sports in our daily life through a variety of national and international sports events organised all over the world where players represent their countries and showcase their sporting capabilities. Additionally, the learning of a student starts from the primary level and sports help students develop a strong mental and physical foundation from an early age.

Keeping in thought the prominence of sports, the school started a Sports Academy in which the training for various sports like cricket, football, handball, basketball, skating, volleyball and badminton; is being given by the trained coaches. The inauguration of Sports Academy was done on 2nd October, 2021 by Mr Manoj Sarkar, Arjun Awardee and Bronze Medallist in Tokyo Paralympics 2020.


At SPS, sports and academics are inextricably linked. Each provides a unique path for building confidence, cooperation and leadership skills. Playing sports also helps students maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Our athletic program provides all students the opportunity to participate in sports at all levels from elementary instruction to interscholastic competition.

Our inclusive participation policy ensures that every student has the opportunity to be a part of a team. While not mandatory, nearly all students, primary through higher secondary students, play at least one sport. Many play two, three or even four!

Good sportsmanship and fair play are reinforced throughout the season by coaches and instructors and is expected of all players. Victories are always exciting and help teams and players feel good, but good sportsmanship and a passion for the game are what we strive to achieve.

We approach each practice and contest with the following goals in mind:

  • To develop students physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.
  • To provide experiential opportunities for students to develop positive habits, attitudes and leadership skills in preparation for adult life.
  • To help students develop a deep understanding of the value of athletics and physical fitness in a balanced educational process and lifestyle.
  • To help student athletes learn how to win and lose gracefully by learning lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork and competition.
  • To provide opportunities for students to practice self-discipline and develop emotional maturity as they learn to make decisions under pressure.
  • To help students develop social competence as they compete within a set of rules, thus developing high ideals for fairness in all human relationships and respect for the rights of others.
  • To help student athletes recognize the privilege of participation and their responsibilities to their school, their sport, their community and themselves.
  • To strive for playing excellence that will produce winning teams within the framework of good sportsmanship and mental health of the student athlete.
  • To promote school spirit and help all our students, faculty, staff and parents – spectators as well as participants – to develop pride in Saraf Public School.

Saraf Public School takes pride in its pursuit of sporting excellence and elite performance competing in local, regional and national competitions across a wide range of sports and age groups. Saraf Public School provides competitive and recreational opportunities for our students and support those who show great potential through scholarship programs, as well as with dedicated support from our coaches, instructors and academic staff.

Saraf Public School offers excellent modern facilities which include: football ground, basketball court, volleyball court, playground for the juniors equipped with apparatus.


The athletic staff aims to give all students at SPS the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities so that they can reach their potential. Regardless of the standard of the athlete, our program embraces any student wishing to compete in athletics with the aim of enjoyment, friendship and character development being at the forefront of our coaching philosophy.

The top class facilities available to the students within SPS ensure that they can be well prepared and at peak fitness for the range of competitions that they enter. Variation and cross training is encouraged and this program develops a capability within to perform under pressure in all environments. The combination of sand hills, bush tracks and the strength and conditioning room all lead to success on the track and in the field. A programme that culminates into Sports Day is very well attended by pupils and parents and is famed for demonstrating the full range of ability on show at SPS.


Basketball is a game option available to all students through Primary to Higher Secondary School and specialist coaching is given. Saraf Public School boasts a full sized Basketball court. The SPS basketball program engages highly experienced and professional senior coaches in India.


Cricket is SPS’s major field sport and has developed considerably in recent times and we have a healthy following for the game in a variety of forms including twenty/20 cricket, one day international format. The cricket club is open to all years in the school.

Coaching and matches take place during the School’s game afternoons from Monday to Saturday. The appointment of keen and highly qualified teaching staff, supplemented by expert consultant coaches, enables the students to benefit and develop their skills under the watchful eye of someone who can encourage and correct technique as required. Saraf Public School teams follow a full programme of competitive inter school fixtures as well as enters its teams into various competitions.


The School has a football facility to cater for all students, boys and girls, across a wide variety of ability levels. We supplement our enthusiastic and experienced teaching staff which forms the base of the coaching program with a number of professional coaches from the local geography, to ensure that all students are extended and reach their maximum potential during training.

Students develop a great deal of confidence and self-belief as a result of the development of skills that enables them to be competitive and self-assured as they pass through the program. Teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline under pressure are all by-products of player development and lead to educational benefits for students both on and off the field.


Sport is one of the pillars of life at SPS, and this is no less true for pupils in the Primary School than it is for those in middle, secondary or higher secondary school. We want all our pupils to be fit and healthy; to develop skills that will help them to get more out of the sports they play; to enjoy competing for their School with pride; and to learn to win without triumph and to lose without despair. From the time they arrive in SPS, pupils are encouraged to take part in a wide range of sports, and team sports are particularly important in Class III-V. The co-operation and camaraderie of the sports field are vital ingredients in the social life of SPS, and also provide important lessons for life. The coaching staff is composed of a team of top level internal and external coaches.


Kho-Kho is one of the most popular traditional sports in India. It is a modified form of ‘Run Chase’, which in its simplest form involves chasing and touching a person. Kho-kho needs no equipment to play and is quite popular amongst the students of SPS.


Volleyball is a hugely popular sport at SPS and it is available to all students through Primary to Higher Secondary School and specialist coaching is provided. Saraf Public School has two full Volleyball courts, which seem to be almost always occupied.


Sports activities to be chosen according to school specific facilities.

Monday: Weekly test/ Class teachers period (remedials)

Tuesday: (1) Skating (2) Judo/ Taekwondo (3) Athletics (4) Yoga (5) Volleyball (6) Cricket (7) Table Tennis / Lawn Tennis (8) Carom (9) Chess (10) Any Sports facilities provided by school / club (givenin separate list) (11) Sports Quiz (12) Club Activities

Wednesday: Any sports facilities provided by school / clubs given in a separate list Annual day practice / Club actitities

Thursday: April / May use for club activities

Friday: Class teachers period to review the club activity and its practices, report in lesson planning register on the performance July onwards remedial focus on weak students based on PTM.

Saturday: Indus practice / Atal Tinkering Lab Period

Note: First week, 1st April: All the students will be divided in clubs according to their hobbies and interests by the class teachers. Class X-XII will have their extra classes from 7:30 am to 8:50 am. Duty list of teachers responsible for various clubs will be shared with the students/ points on orientation day. Periodic test to be conducted on Monday in special period.