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Clubs & Societies

In seeking an activity to balance their academic work, Saraf Public School students may choose from among many clubs and committees. There are options ranging from groups whose focus is – community service or environmental issues. Students may opt for more artistic activities such as studio art. If they are interested in public policy and government, they may choose to participate in Model Parliament programs; those interested in quantitative reasoning or science and engineering may join clubs devoted to mathematics or robotics.

Every good school should offer a menu of extracurricular activities, and some will surely be longer than others. At SPS, we intend commencement of several co-curricular related clubs from the academic session 2017-2018 onwards. Such clubs will help students identify their interest areas and bolster their innate strengths.

The following is a list of Clubs and Societies at SPS.


Also known as “The Mathletes,” this club offers mathematics enrichment, promoting excitement, enthusiasm and interest in mathematical topics and programs. The Math Club team will use weekly meetings to prepare members for competitions and events.


Model Parliament is open to students in Classes IX–XII who love to discuss, debate and propose resolutions for current issues facing our government and the nation. Members of Model Parliament may participate in national mock sessions. Students assuming the roles of parliamentarians discuss policies, draft bills and pass laws. Others may be members of the Cabinet or the Supreme Court. Some may be delegates simulating the central government from around the country.

Meetings are devoted to learning about the Indian government, parliamentary procedure and effective debate in order to prepare for the various conferences and competitions. The Model Parliament also has guest speakers discussing current events.


The Art Club is committed to making art a more active part of the SPS student and staff community through trips to galleries, special exhibits and visits to artists’ studios. The Art Club is for everyone – students with artistic talents and also students, who don’t draw, paint or sculpt, but who enjoy learning about art.


A school of online learners

The creative integration of ICT technologies supports SPS’ strong academic program and impressive results. At SPS, ICT fosters independent thinking, problem solving and collaborative learning and allows students (and faculty) to actively engage in their learning, at home, at school, and anywhere in the world.

From interactive whiteboards in our primary school, to high-tech computer labs, digital media, and other electronic resources in our secondary and higher secondary school, our digital environment takes students into new worlds of curriculum possibilities.

Our ICT programs are part of a philosophy which values life-long learning. They enable our student and teacher community to develop essential knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes.

The Saraf Public School Portal

While the public website is open to all visitors, SPS intends to introduce special outbound communication for parents, staff and student via emails/SMS. Parents can keep in touch about school events, while staff and students have access to key resources from any web-enabled computer or mobile phone. The Portal is a dynamic tool which streamlines tasks and improves communication and planning.

Customized learning

SPS online environment will allow teachers to customize students’ learning. Teachers can ask students to cast a vote, express an opinion, answer a question, respond to a survey, or participate in lively real-time, online class discussions.

Integral to the planning and implementation of SPS – ICT program are:

  • Touch typing classes and advice on ergonomics, promoting good posture, effective keyboard techniques and healthy tips to reduce fatigue
  • Staff professional development to enhance the integration of technology into the curriculum at all levels, promoting effective innovation
  • Cyber safety policies and ongoing education for students and parents