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Career with Saraf Public School

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Career with Saraf Public School


A career with SPS is about more than teaching – it is about changing lives and it is about creating positive change in education. SPS team members are welcomed to the organization and provided the tools, training and support needed to achieve success. Every year, there are countless success stories that rise from the bricks and mortar of SPS, and each team member is challenged to be the positive difference in a young person’s life.

Just as we expect every child to grow year to year, we expect the same from our teachers.

Our teachers do more than provide an excellent education – they lead, inspire and excite. They have a passion for teaching and for our mission, and they are able to relate to students in a loving, supportive manner while embracing expert techniques in personalized education and focusing their craft on developing critical-thinking skills.

Recruiting, training, supporting, holding accountable and retaining exceptional faculty is a top priority at SPS, because the best teachers provide the best education for our students. Our teachers:

  • Engage students to develop critical-thinking, problem-solving and higher-order reasoning skills.
  • Agree to be held accountable for how well they help each of their students achieve his or her full potential.
  • Forge meaningful and productive relationships with parents to ensure consistent communication regarding students’ Personal Learning Plans and academic growth.
  • Are lifelong learners, open to new ideas and committed to reaching their maximum potential as teachers by continually growing every year.
  • Want to collaborate with and learn from the teachers in the classroom next door and on the other side of the globe to improve learning for all students.
  • Work within the frameworks of curriculum defined by Boards but have the freedom to craft and guide the curriculum at their school, resulting in innovative and tailored educational programs.

If you are considering a career with Saraf Public School, please go through our approach related to recruitment, training, support, accountability and motivation:

We look for sound experience, proven track record, high-energy personality, strong commitment to students and families, ability to be a team player and confidence in the classroom. We want teachers who can analyze student learning styles, apply best-practice teaching techniques, such as differentiation, and integrate technology into the classroom.

Our teachers never stand still. They – like their students – are always learning. Our teachers are dedicated to getting better every year. To help our teachers become even better at their profession, SPS provides intensive professional training and opportunities to share best practices with some of the world’s finest educators.

SPS ensures teachers have adequate resources to do an exceptional job. Our school has small classroom sizes so that teachers can spend one-on-one time with each of their students. Our classrooms are purposely built to provide an environment conducive to differentiated instruction. Our school has libraries that serve as learning centres, technology that supports education and facilities for fine art and athletics education.

Our school is focused on growing our students both academically and socially. Teachers are the primary owners of such growth. We measure academic growth through classroom observation and evaluation, as well as student growth relative to children of the same ability. Our teachers are held accountable for understanding each student and ensuring they are all growing.

Teachers are the cornerstone of SPS, and their engagement and satisfaction is a priority. Retaining and motivating great teachers is critically important to our mission and vision, so we provide our teachers with:

  • Robust professional development
  • Clear and relevant feedback. Each year our teachers are surveyed regarding their level of engagement and satisfaction. School administrators share this information with all teachers along with concrete plans to address any issues. In addition, our teachers receive comprehensive feedback based on the goals set forth during the annual performance-management process.


Professional status

SPS offers an academically demanding college-preparatory program to a multicultural group of students, aged 3-19 years. We therefore seek experienced teaching faculty who have the ability to respond effectively to the needs of our students in a situation where preparation for higher education is as important as K-12 education. Applicants will be suitably qualified for the post applied for, holding at least a first-level degree and appropriate professional qualifications, including post-graduate teaching qualifications, teaching certification, counselling certification or other applicable degrees. 

Personal situation

We encourage singles or family applications, especially where both members of the couple are able to apply for vacant positions. We also welcome applications from people who have taken early retirement or are on a sabbatical.

SPS is a very energetic community, and there will be the opportunity (and the expectation) to engage with students and colleagues in a variety of activities – service trips to villages, hikes and outdoor expeditions, clubs and retreats, music performances and talent shows. Busy and tired are words you will often hear! At the same time, you will have the chance to develop interests, old and new, with enthusiastic staff and students.

Health and personal characteristics

Qualities of resilience, sense of purpose, humour, flexibility, tolerance, determination and cultural sensitivity are among those that we are actively seeking in our recruitment process. Applicants will need to be physically fit and mobile and in good health.