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Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Regulations


  • Every student should carry the Alamance daily.
  • The students must bring the prescribed text book and exercise books to the class accordingly to the time table.
  • The name, class and section of the student should be clearly written on all his/her belongings.
  • Students must reach on the School on time.
  • No students is allowed to come to school in self-driven vehicle.
  • Misbehavior inside the School premises or in the School conveyance may lead to disciplinary action against the concerned student. Shouting, or use of foul language is forbidden.
  • Bulling is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished. Objectionable behavior, discourtesy and irregular attendance will also lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Parents who make independent transport arrangements for their ward by hiring vans/rickshaw pullers is done and all the safety measures have been taken to avoid any untoward incident.
  • Willful damage to the school property is a serious offence. The cost of any article damaged will be have to be made good by the student concerned.
  • Students are forbidden to bring objectionable literature/material, mobile phone, crackers, knives, balloons the school.
  • The school is not responsible for loss of any valuable article in the School premises.


  • Students should not leave the class room without the permission of the teacher.
  • All assignments, project and home-work must be submitted on time.
  • Follow-up work and corrections need to be done regularly and supervised by the parents.
  • Conscious effort should be made to develop a neat and decipherable/intelligible handwriting.
  • Students should come prepared for the class-lessons and revise the syllabus covered in the class daily.


  • Students should identify themselves with the Vision and Mission of the School.
  • Students should be able to display originality of ideas and ability to see them through
  • Students should take initiative to plan and manage various kinds of vents like festivals, seminars, quizzes, morning/special assemblies etc.
  • Students must participate whole heartedly in various activities, clubs, competitions, inter-school and intra-school events and the School’s outreach programs.


Principal 11am – 12 noon (on all school working days)
Account office 11am – 12 noon (on all school working days)
Transport in charge 11am – 12 noon (on all school working days)
Teachers PTM / with prior appointment
  • Parents/ Guardians are not expected to visit their child/ ward in classrooms anytime during the school operating hours, unless they are invited by the school.


Whenever corresponding with the school, kindly quote full name, class and section of the student.

Academic Issue

  • Level 1: Class Teacher
  • Level 2: Subject Coordinator
  • Level 3: School Principal/ Head of the School.

Behavior Issue

  • Level 1: Class Teacher
  • Level 2: Coordinator (Ananda, Jigyasa or Sadhana)
  • Level 3: School Principal/ Head of the School

Administration Issue

  • Level 1: Class Teacher
  • Level 2: School Administrative Officer
  • Level 3: School Principal/ Head of the School
  • No student will be allowed to leave the School early, expect case of emergency or in case the students is unwell. Such leave shall be granted on the School Principal’s approval, only with authorized signatory/parents.
  • Parents should ensure that the child dedicating time towards his or her home-work and gets complete set of booksas per the prescribed time-table and booklist.
  • Private tuitions are strictly discouraged.


  • ‘6-day system’ of time table is followed by the school.
  • Students need to maintain over 80% attendance for each term in every academic year.
  • It is highly recommended that students should attend first working day and the last working day of a term.
  • If a student is absent due to illness or any other valid reasons, the class teacher or coordinator must be informed about it immediately by the parent/guardian in writing.
  • Leave should be obtained well in advance through an application duly signed by parents in the school Almanac, which shall be forwarded by the class teacher.
  • Medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner is mandatory on the first day the student reports back to school after sick leave of more than two consecutive days.
  • A student returning to the school after suffering from and infections or contagious disease must produce a fitness certificate from the doctor permitting him/her to re-join the school.

G. Rules and Regulations

  • Each class will responsible for looking after the respective classroom, including any movable items.
  • No students should scratch/spoil/break of damage any School furniture, write/draw anything on the walls or in any damage things belonging to others.
  • No books (other than text books or library books), magazines or paper must be brought to School without written consent of the class teacher.
  • The School is strictly against exchange of any article or lending and borrowing of money. In case of any loss caused, the School shall not be held responsible.
  • It is advised that students at all-time must ensure cleanliness and do not litter or throw rubbish anywhere in the School premises or outsides it. They must use the bins provided.
  • Running, playing or making noise affecting others inside the school premises is not permitted.
  • The school allows only English as the language to be used for communication within the School premises, except for the time devoted for classes or activities conducted for/in other language.
  • All students should behave in a courteous manner, wherever they go. They should always remember that the School is judged by the conduct of its students.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss any students whose diligence or progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other student or whose parents/guardians show little interest in the progress of their children/ wards.
  • Only those students who maintain required attendance as per the rules will be allowed to appear for examinations.
  • A students caught using unfair means. And/or receives or gives assistance in any form during tests/exam will result in suspension from the school. Repetition the same will result into expulsion from the school.
  • All students must take part in physical exercise, games, sports and all other activities if the school in order to learn sportsman spirit, boost self-confidence and develop physical strength.


  • Students are required to wear proper uniform and display their Student ID cards at all times.
  • All students should reach the School in time
  • Appropriate language must be used at all times.
  • Complete abstinence from violence.
  • Use of motorised vehicle in the school premises is strictly prohibited.
  • High standard of discipline to be followed in the School premises at all times.
  • The School reserves the right to suspend, rusticate or expel any student not following the code if conduct laid down by the school.


  • Students arriving to the school later than the designated time will be sent home after three warnings.
  • Parents are required to sign the punctuality record in the students handbook.
  • In case the student’s ID card is misplaced or lost or damaged, the parents must make a writing request for a duplicate card to the Class Teacher. The School will issue duplicate ID Card for Rs. 200/-


  • Promotions are granted on the basis of performance in classroom and in the examinations conducted during the year.
  • Consistent neglect of any subject will not be condoned.
  • A student who fails twice in the same class will be obliged to leave the school.
  • The academic evaluation of the students will be done on the basis of two Terminal Examinations and two Unit Tests before every terms. Promotion will be granted on the basis of cumulative result.
  • Students need to fulfil the attendance criteria 80% attendance for each term in the academic year in order to be considered for a promotion.
  • If a student is absent for an assessment for any reasons, he/she will be marked absent.
  • No retest will be conducted, unless it is a serious medical case.


  • Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) is held each term assessment. Details of all meetings are issued in academic planner and circulars to parents/guardians.
  • The School expects parents to attend all the PTMs held during the year. Students need to accompany the parents/guardians in the School uniform for each PTM. Report card will be handed over to parents/guardians only.
  • Parents are welcome to meet the teachers on any working day during school hours through a prior appointment that may be made through the dairy and will be coordinator by the class teacher.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to pick their children/wards from the school within 15 minutes of the closing time.
  • The School considers it to be prime responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that the child is healthy at all times and extreme care must be taken about his/her food habits.
  • The School encourages only home cooked food and discouraged junk and fast food.
  • Parents must not send a child empty stomach to the school and must ensure that the child carries daily a box containing healthy snack and drink.


  • School fee must be paid on time as per the time lines communicated to the parents/ guardians via the Fee policy.
  • Fee will be charged for all 12 calendar months. Kindly refer to the Fee Policy for the exact amount to be paid.
  • No student will be allowed to appear for the examination unless all dues are cleared.
  • Penalty/ late fee as mentioned in the Fee policy will be charged in case fee is paid after the stipulated date.
  • Incomplete payment of fee will be treated as non-paymennt of fee and will be subject to a late-fee penalty.
  • If there is a regular delay in fee payment, student’s name will be struck off the rolls. Parents/Guardians will then have to apply for re-admission.
  • Bounced Cheques – if any cheque is not honoured on presentation for any reason, a penalty of Rs. 250 will be charged as cheque dishonor charges. Subsequently, the Fee including cheque bounce charges will need to be deposited via Demand Draft or Online Transfer only.
  • Late Fee Charges/ Non-payment of Fee by the stipulated Due Dates – Incase Fee remains due after the due date as specified in the Fee cycle, a fine of Rs. 50/- per calendar day shall be levied for first 30 days and Rs.100/- per calendar day thereafter till the date of the payment.


  • Every application for withdrawal of admission and issue of Transfer Certificate should be made in writing by the respective parent/ guardian.
  • Three month’s written notice is mandatory before a student can be withdrawn from the School; in lieu of such notice, full fee (except Lunch Fee and Refreshment Fee) for three months will be applicable and charged. Note: Three month’s written notice is mandatory even at the commencement of a new academic year. For sake of clarity, the following cases can be considered:
  • If a parent / guardian needs withdrawal from the School on 31st March of a particular year, then the notice of withdrawal shall be given on or before 1st Jan of the same year.
  • If the notice of withdrawal is given on 31st March of a particular year, then full fee (except Lunch Fee and Refreshment Fee), shall be applicable and charged until 30th June of the same year.
  • If the notice of withdrawal is given on 1st February of a particular year, then full fee (except Lunch Fee and Refreshment Fee), shall be applicable and charged until 30th April of the same year (two months of Full Fee of the class the student would be studying at the time of the withdrawal notice and one-month Full Fee as applicable for the next academic year)
  • No Transfer certificate will be granted unless all the School dues are paid and ‘No Dues’ certificate is obtained from the cashier/ librarian / laboratory assistant and respective teachers.
  • A nominal sum of Rs.100/- will be charged for every Transfer Certificate.
  • In all cases of re-admission, full Admission Fee will be charged.
  • Transfer Certificate can be obtained after a fort night from the date of fulfilling all formalities and submission of the application from in the School office.


  • For the convenience of parents and the students, the School makes arrangements for pick and drop of students through its own fleet of buses or through an annual contract, explicitly on request from parents/ guardians.
  • Any unauthorised travel in School bus is considered as an offence and will lead to a fine of Rs. 500 per incident for the unauthorised traveller.
  • Parents are required to provide complete cooperation with the School by ensuring that their children/wards report at their embarking points well on time, carry their ID cards with them all the time and behave in a disciplined and courteous manner.
  • In case of any problem or any mishap, the parents are advised to avoid any altercation with drivers, conductors or support staff. They should immediately contact the School authorities on the phone number given on the bus, or the phone number given by the School Principal. The School ensure appropriate action in such circumstances.
  • For any information whatsoever, parents / guardians are expected not rely on any information that they may get from drivers or conductors. For information related to their children/ wards pick-up or drop timing or working days, they should contact the School directly.
  • The School optimises the routes so that all the travellers have least travel time. However, it must be noted that it is not possible to cater to certain individual requirements at the cost of time and distance.
  • Students are not allowed to travel in any other bus route except their own route. However, they can do so only with permission from the class teacher and School Principal.
  • The bus drivers are authorized to stop the bus only at the designated stops. The bus will not wait for latecomers.
  • The use of bus facility cannot be discontinued in the middle of the session. It may, however, be discontinued by giving 3 months’ notice or transport fee in lieu of the notice period.
  • Application for request for change in transport in case of transfer/ change of address should be submitted to the School transport in charge at least three months prior to the intended last date of travel.
  • Acceptance of request for change in transport is based on route and availability of seats.
  • Full month Transport Fee will be taken for availing transport in middle of the month.