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School Management – Eduvisors

Eduvisors is India’s leading sector-focused consulting firm in Education. Eduvisors is a pioneer amongst consulting firms in India with sole focus on the Education sector.

Eduvisors has worked with all leading education groups, large and small, independent and global, to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire. Whilst Eduvisors has considerable knowledge of Education sector, it is not constrained in its thinking as it is a learning, growing, ‘can do’ organization, constantly researching new ideas and learning from outside the sector. Eduvisors’ practice areas span Capacity Building and Performance Improvement for our clients across all sub-segments in Education sector. Further details on Eduvisors can be found at


Eduvisors is a specialist in providing high quality Schools management services. Using its wide experience in school operations, curriculum and consulting services developed over several years across geographies, Eduvisors is in a position to provide best-in-class services to Saraf Public School, Khatima.


Eduvisors has a high performing Centre of Excellence based out of New Delhi NCR led by highly qualified and experience team.

Central services group at the corporate office of Eduvisors is referred as Eduvisors Centre of Excellence (ECoE).

ECoE provides a comprehensive package of management services to schools with a holistic approach to school success in mind. ECoE is designed to:

  • Improve student achievement in schools
  • Successfully manage school finances
  • Manage efficient start-up of new schools
  • Develop local partnerships

ECoE is involved from the day of establishing the not-for-profit entity, whether Trust or a Society or a Section 8 company, for each school, to the first day of school when the first batch of students rushes through the gates in expectation of quality education, to the ongoing management of school operations.

ECoE plans, designs and develops each school, which includes working with multiple agencies in its inception phase – local district education officers (DEOs) & state education departments, central education agencies, land surveyors, architects, civil engineers, real estate developers & contractors, fire & safety departments, affiliating Boards, staffing consultants, curriculum planners, technology & equipment suppliers and others. ECoE provides the expertise for each of the complex processes and ensures that the school is able to catch the first academic session as planned as well as complete the projects within the planned and approved budgets.

ECoE has the necessary experience to deliver turnkey solutions which involves complete responsibility to develop and launch the schools. Some of the benefits that ECoE services offer are:

  • Project management expertise
  • Detailed planning – qualitative & quantitative research led feasibility studies and financial planning
  • Complete responsibility of execution – infrastructure design, construction, regulatory approvals and affiliations
  • Branding and marketing – effective admissions process to achieve desired enrolments
  • Best practices in curriculum development, lesson planning and teacher training

There are various divisions in the Eduvisors Centre of Excellence (ECoE). Each division looks after one or more of the following specific areas related to Eduvisors managed schools.

  1. Approvals and Regulatory Compliances
  2. Governance
  3. Infrastructure and Project Management
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Curriculum
  6. Student Management
  7. Technology
  8. Finance and Accounts
  9. School Operations
  10. Marketing and Communications
  11. Reviews and Internal Audits