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School Philosophy – Teaching Excellence

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School Philosophy – Teaching Excellence

“Walk through any classroom door and you know the atmosphere is academic. Every child is involved, there is silent concentration, there is excitement and there is dedication which clearly says, “School is for studies”. This is teaching as it should be.”

How is it done? The teachers are invariably passionate about their subjects. They have the highest possible expectations of every child. They are experts in the craft of the classroom. Teaching excellence is SPS’s key goal.

Asked to describe what it’s like to teach at SPS, one of our faculty members puts it this way: “Saraf is a ‘prep’ school. We prepare you for moments when you begin to catch on to your real interests, maybe even your passion. We prepare you for moments when you begin to understand the part you will play in the world.”

We look for teachers who are enthusiastic about learning, experts in their subject areas, and genuinely excited about working with adolescents. All of our faculty members have degrees in their primary teaching area, and majority hold post graduate degrees. To their classrooms, SPS teachers bring infectious energy and enthusiasm. Styles vary. In one history classroom, a teacher might lead the discussion in lecture format, while in the next, another might organize small groups of students to work collaboratively to prepare an argument. In science class, a lab might be completed in a traditional laboratory setting, or the teacher might take students outside to study the coefficient of friction by sliding a ball down one a ramp in the school.

Most of all, our teachers are role models for the practice that learning never ends, can take place in leaps and bounds as well as in small increments, and can happen in a variety of settings. More than teachers, they are students’ advisors, coaches, and constant sources of support.